Thursday, 6 June 2013

Repair Google Chrome

Although Google Chrome is one of the most advanced and most popular Internet Browsers that's available today, it doesn't come without its drawbacks. Google Chrome is such highly sophisticated piece of software, designed to give you the best internet browsing experience possible, but some people have been experiencing problems and issues whilst using Google Chrome. Such problems include  flash player not working, which leaves some people not being able to view web pages and random crashing. However because Google Chrome is such a sophisticated piece of software these problems are very easy to fix.

 STEP 1: Try restarting your computer first. It could be that the computer has just encountered a slight glitch on your system, which causing things to not work properly.

STEP 2: Remove and Re-install the Google Chrome application. Doing this will allow your computer to read the files a lot better and faster, and also repair any damaged or corrupt files that have been causing the issue. To remove the Google Chrome application, first insure that you have another browser, such as IE or FireFox, click Start>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs, locate "Google Chrome" click Uninstall next to it. When the applications loads, select "Remove". Follow the uninstall process, and restart your PC. Problems uninstalling or re-installing Chrome indicate mal- or spy-ware, which must be dealt with.

STEP 3: Remove any extensions that you have on Google Chrome. Although they are great way to personalize your internet browsing experience, they are not so good for speed and fuctionality, as many can caused the application to crash. To remove any extensions follow these steps: Open up Google Chrome. In the address bar type "chrome://extensions". Click Uninstall, or click Disable if you think you may use the add-on in the future. restart your browser.

STEP 4: Finally, Disable plug-ins. Chrome can get bogged down with plugins into Chrome; it will redirect to "chrome://plugins". Disable any that you aren't currently using.


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